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    1) Dairy Resources Pertaining to COVID-19:
        a) Questions Regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
            on Farms with Employees
(Spanish Version)
        b) Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 and Animals
           (Spanish Version)
        c) On-Farm Emergency Disposal of Raw Milk for Ohio Dairy

        d) Inducing Short Term Reductions in Milk Yield via Diet

                                                            e) Resources Available from National Milk Producers Federation
                                                            f) Economic Assistance for Agriculture During COVID-19
                                                           g) Sign up for USDA-CFAP Direct Support to Begin May 26, 2020
                                                           h) Coronavirus Food Assistance Program for Dairy Producers
                                                            i) Webinar on Reducing Costs amd Milk Production Relative to                                                                   the COVID-19 Situation by Drs. Bill Weiss and
                                                               Gustavo Schuenemann

             j) Recent releases of Dairy Issues Briefs (DIBS):

Four Management Practices to Manage Milk Yield in Dairy Herds (#44-20)
Consider Dietary Changes to Take Advantage of Changes in Milk Component Prices (#43-20)
Can I feed my calves less milk replacer to save money? (#42-20)
Therapy of Clinical Mastitis in Tough Economic Times (#41-20)
Financial Resources for Managing COVID-19 Market Destruction on
Dairy Farms
(4/24/2020; #40-20)
Feeding Whole Milk Versus Milk Replacer (#39-20)
Harvesting Winter Annual Forages for Dairy (#38-20)
Feed Ingredient Substitution (#37-20)
Pounds of milk sold per worker — Are you getting the most out of your labor? (#24-20)
Blanket, Selective, or No Dry Cow Therapy: Which Should I Choose? (#22-20)
Should I wean calves earlier? (#9-20)
Recognizing and Managing Stress (#6-20)
Is it time for Daisy to go on a truck ride? (#2-20)


                                                        2) 2019 Edition: 15 Measures of Dairy Farm Competitiveness
                                                            [Bulletin; Worksheet (coming soon)]
                                                        3) If I'm Not Going to be a Dairy Farmer Any More,
                                                            What Am I Going to Do?

                                                        4) Agricultural Careers - Opportunities Do Exist
                                                        5) Communication: Listening during times of stress
                                                        6) Communication: Sending a message during times of stress
                                                        7) Communication During Times of Stress
                                                        8) Observing Signs of Stress and Depression

                                                        9) 2019 Agricultural Challenges:

                                                                              a) Forage Production Options for Ohio
                                                                              b) Stretching Forage Supplies on Dairy Farms
                                                                              c) Feeding Forages from Flooded Fields
                                                                              d) Pricing Standing Hay Crop in the Field (Factsheet; Worksheet)


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