Dairy Issue Briefs (DIBS) target critical management issues for dairy farms and dairy-related issues in the public sector. The emphasis is on “brief”, with a short explanation of the issue, the conclusion and contact information for the author(s) if you have further questions.


Animal Health  
  Veterinary Feed Directive (DIBS # 30-16; May 2016)
  Therapy of Clinical Mastitis in Tough Economic Times (DIBS # 23-16; May 2016)
  To dry treat or to not dry treat? (DIBS # 22-16; May 2016)
  Is it time for Daisy to go on a truck ride? (DIBS # 2-09; March 2009)
Career Changes  
  If I'm not going to be a dairy farmer any more, what am I going to do? (DIBS # 25-15; December 2015)
  Agricultural Careers – Opportunities DO Exist (DIBS # 27-16; July 2016)
Dairy Beef  
  How do I get started in dairy beef? (DIBS # 32-16; June 2016)
  Introduction to Feeding Holsein Beef (DIBS # 34-16; August 2016)
  Will changing from a confinement system to a grazing system reduce my short term costs? (DIBS # 3-09; March 2009)
Feeding Management  
  Identifying and Managing Commodity Feed Shrink (DIBS # 36-16; August 2016)
  Feeding Low Forage Diets to Dairy Cows (DIBS # 33-16; July 2016)
  Short season forages to fill supply gaps for dairy farms (DIBS # 31-16; June 2016)
  Importance of knowing dry matter concentration when buying (or selling) feeds (DIBS # 28-16; May 2016)
  Ingredient replacement opportunities (DIBS # 14-09, April 2009)
  In this time of tight cash flow, should I use silage additives this year? (DIBS # 8-09, April 2009)
  Should I remove feed additives from my diets to reduce short term costs? (DIBS # 5-09; March 2009)
  How can I lower feed costs in a management intensive grazing system? (DIBS # 4-09; March 2009)
  Can I use more corn silage in my diets to reduce cash feed costs? (DIBS # 1-09; March 2009)
Financial Management  
  Are there opportunities to decrease my current debt payments? (DIBS # 15-16; May 2016)
  How do I answer big financial questions? (DIBS # 12-16; May 2016)
  How should I take on additional debt? (DIBS # 11-09, April 2009)
  What happened to our dairy exports? (DIBS # 7-09; March 2009)
Heifer Management  
  Can I reduce costs by 'limit feeding' heifers? (DIBS # 26-16; July 2016)
  Can I feed my calves “half rations” to save money? (DIBS # 13-09, April 2009)
  Should I wean calves earlier? (DIBS # 9-09, April 2009)
Labor Management  
  Pounds of Milk Sold/Worker - Are you getting the most out of your labor? (DIBS # 24-15; December 2015)
  Communication: Listening During Times of Stress (DIBS # 21-15; December 2015)
  Communication: Sending a Message During Times of Stress (DIBS # 20-15; December 2015)
  Communication During Times of Stress (DIBS # 19-15; December 2015)
  How to Keep Employees When Cash is Short: The High Cost of Employee Turnover (DIBS # 18-15; December 2015)
  Non-Cash Compensation Alternatives for Dairy Employees (DIBS # 17-09; May 2009)
  Observing signs of stress and depression (DIBS # 6-09; March 2009)
Manure/Nutrient Management  
  Evaluation of Dairy Manure as Fertilizer: Manure N and P supplies for crop production (DIBS # 29-16; May 2016)
  An Evaluation of Starter Fertilizer in Corn Silage Production (DIBS # 16-16; August 2016)
  Breeding programs: Natural service or AI? (DIBS #10-09, April 2009) ENGLISH VERSION, SPANISH VERSION