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    1) NEW 2019 Edition: 15 Measures of Dairy Farm
[Bulletin; Worksheet (coming soon)]
    2) If I'm Not Going to be a Dairy Farmer Any More,
        What Am I Going to Do?

    3) Agricultural Careers - Opportunities Do Exist
    4) Communication: Listening during times of stress
    5) Communication: Sending a message during times of stress
    6) Communication During Times of Stress
    7) Observing Signs of Stress and Depression
                                                                          8) 2019 Agricultural Challenges:

                                                                              a) Forage Production Options for Ohio
                                                                              b) Stretching Forage Supplies on Dairy Farms
                                                                              c) Feeding Forages from Flooded Fields
                                                                              d) Pricing Standing Hay Crop in the Field (Factsheet; Worksheet)

2019 Dairy Day Logo

November 14, 2019, Wooster, OH

Morning Program - Secrest Arboretum Shelterhouse; presentations, company exhibits
Lunch provided
Afternoon program - Krauss Dairy

For additional information, click on BROCHURE.
To register for Dairy Day after October 31 or make payment as a sponsor, click here.



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