Not the state lottery

but yes, you are getting something from the state! OSU has some of the most knowledgeable researchers in dairy science and one of the top extension systems in the nation. We thought that it was time for Ohioans to learn about it.

Buckeye Dairy News will be published 12 times a year around the 15th of the month. We intend to keep its content factual, informative and to the point. We will feature monthly columns on milk, grain, hay and culled cows pricing. Some of the best brains with two legs will explain new knowledge acquired through research and will provide you with tips to help you in all dimensions of modern dairy herd management. This months invited contributions deal with forage inventory management, pasture, farm measures of competitiveness, and a great update on the ugly tax law. Next months feature article by Dr. Bernie Erven should be a classic. We are bullish on the Ohio dairy industry, so our tone will be upbeat, positive, yet challenging.

This first issue is not perfect, but it is out! We will improve with time. The next issue, however, will not come automatically to you. There are three ways that you can keep receiving this newsletter. (1) Fill out the form on page 3 and return it with a $10 check. Each issue will cost you less than a slice of pizza at the county fair (2) Contact your county extension office. The cost will vary depending on the county. (3) Buy it in bulk and save! Group rates (>10) are available and we are only a phone call away.

Sit down, learn and enjoy!

Normand St-Pierre 
Dairy Extension Specialist, Editor