15 Measures of Competitiveness

You see mission statements everywhere these days. Is it just the current "thing" to do or is it an important tool for your business. Of course, I'm going to say it is an important tool! But why It is critical for the long-term success of your business that your management team agrees about why they are in business. Sounds simple, but lack of common goals has caused the breakup of more than one family business. In some of the worst cases, it has also irreparably damaged family relationships as well.

A well thought out mission statement will give the business focus: 
- for setting goals 
- for making decisions 
- for resolving conflicts 
- for revisiting and revising the mission statement over time

How do you get started?Sounds simple, but the first step is to commit to doing it! Then decide whom to involve in the process It might be the owners, husband and wife, brothers and spouses, parent, child and spouses or it might be the whole management team and employees.Ask questions: 
- Why are we in this business? 
- What are we trying to achieve? 
- What values are important to us? 
- How do we want this business to impact our employees, families, customers and the industry? 
- How would we like the business to look in 7-10 years?

Mission statement quick start: 
- List 6 things that are important to you 
- List 6 reasons why you farm 
- Rank them most to least important 
- Have each person involved do this 
- Use as a basis for developing your mission statement