A Great Success!

With over 300 attendees, the first Ohio Dairy Conference attracted considerably more people than expected by the organizing committee. Despite the strain imposed by this unexpected attendance, the program was kept on schedule and most of the attendees relished the opportunity to gather and talk about a diversity of dairy topics.

The conference was preceded by the Monsanto pre-conference where close to 200 people learned the dynamics of the U.S. dairy industry, the changes in eating and demand patterns of U.S. consumers and how marketing of dairy products will be key to the future of our industry.

A survey was distributed to all attendees who answered unanimously that this conference should be held again on a regular basis.

For those who could not attend, copies of the Proceedings are available for $25 by contacting Jennifer Winkler at (614) 688-3143.

Normand St-Pierre 
Dairy Extension Specialist, Editor