Buckeye Dairy News: Volume 1 Issue 2

December 1997
  1. Milk Price Outlook

    Gary Schnitkey

    • The Basic Formula Price (BFP) during November rose $.13 per cwt. over the October price reaching $12.96 per cwt., the highest price yet during 1997. The November price increase was unexpected. Commercial use of milk during the third quarter rose from year earlier levels. Stocks of dairy products, in particular cheese, declined. Both of these factors lead to the price increase.
    • Some forecasters are suggesting that milk prices may be above average during 1998. Optimistic price projections are based on projected small gains in U.S. milk production. I still look for milk prices to decline during the spring of 1998, but the declines might not be as dramatic as projected.
  2. Who's Who

    Lanny Anderson 
    (614) 292-2366

    Lanny will be leaving the OSU Extension at the end of the year after more than 30 years of work for Ashtabula County residents. A 1963 OSU graduate in Agronomy, Lanny remembers how he first struggled with the diverse agriculture in the county: grape growing, dairy, agronomy. He earned his credibility by spending time with the best farmers to learn their business and their technology. Many memorable events occurred in his career, but the bus trip to Wyoming County NY that he organized in the late 1980's had a profound effect on the rest of his career. He became a charter member of the Dairy Excel Team and has served as an educator to innumerable producers in the northeast Lanny is taking new responsibilities as Sales Manager for Western Reserve Farm Cooperative. His enthusiasm and professionalism will be missed. Best of luck to you, mon ami!

    Rick Stowell 
    (614) 292-2366

    Rick is a faculty member and Extension Ag. Engineer in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering at OSU with responsibilities related to livestock production systems. His background, expertise and primary interest is in planning dairy facilities. He consulted for a time with dairy producers considering expansion before joining OSU. Rick is recognized nationally for his work in natural ventilation and handling of sand-laden dairy manure. He is active in ASAE, including serving on the program committee for the upcoming International Dairy Housing Conference. Rick's input is frequently being sought to address manure handling issues that producers face in Ohio. Now he just has to figure out which Big Ten team to follow on Saturdays!