The Costs of Nutrients and Comparison of Feedstuffs Prices
Dr. Normand St-Pierre, Dairy Management Specialist,
Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio StateUniversity

The cost of dietary energy took a tumble last month, whereas the cost of metabolizable protein went up.  The Cow-Jones Index, a measure of profitability in the dairy sector, surged $2.54/cwt, a 37% increase over September, and stood at $9.34/cwt in October, indicating modest but positive profits on Ohio dairy farms.  Regardless, careful selection of feeds to make up a dairy ration can still help improving margins.

Milk Price Outlook
Dr. Cameron Thraen, State Specialist, Dairy Markets and Policy,
The Ohio State University Extension, Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics

Summary of projected production and price information issued in the Livestock, Dairy, & Poultry Outlook/LDP-M-171 / November 17, 2008 Economic Research Service, USDA.