Buckeye Dairy News: Volume 11 Issue 2

  1. Nutrition

    The Costs of Nutrients, Comparison of Feedstuffs Prices and the Current Dairy Situation
    Dr. Normand St-Pierre, Dairy Extension Specialist, Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University

    The current financial situation in dairy production is quite disastrous.  Find out which feeds could save you some money and which ones appear overpriced.  Then learn about the Cow-Jones Index and the extent of our current financial disaster in dairy.

  2. Economics

    MILC and LGM-DAIRY: Two Programs to Help Manage your Market Price Risk
    Dr. Cameron Thraen, State Specialist, Dairy Markets and Policy, Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics, The Ohio State University Extension

    Learn how these two programs can help you manage price risks in these volatile markets.

    It is More than Finances at Risk…it is also our Families!
    Bonnie Ayars, Dairy Judging Coach and Program Specialist, Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University

    Advice on how to help your family deal with the current economic crisis.

  3. Management

    Your Animals on Welfare
    Dr. Normand St-Pierre, Dairy Extension Specialist,Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio StateUniversity

    Did you know that you have animals in your herds who are receiving the equivalent of a welfare check from your milking cows?  In fact, the welfare check may be costing you up to $1.80/cwt of milk produced.  Find out how you can implement your own welfare reform program in your herd.

    Managing Debt to Preserve Future Profitability
    Dianne Shoemaker, Extension Dairy Specialist, OSU-Extension

    Controlling costs has been the front-line attack for dealing with pitiful milk prices.  While it absolutely should be done, it is not enough to make up the cash flow shortfall.  As cash reserves are depleted, it is critical that borrowing be done carefully so that the farm’s equity and future profitability are not endangered. 

    Dairy Cows:  Lighting and/or rbST
    John Smith, Extension Educator, Auglaize County

    Did you know that proper lighting can induce a milk response close to what is achieved with rbST?  Read more on how to reap additional dollars just by providing adequate lighting.

  4. Legal

    Chapter 12 Bankruptcy
    Hope for Financially Stressed Family Farms

    Robert Moore, Attorney, Wright Law Co. LPA

    Although bankruptcy might not be in your dialect, there are times when the bankruptcy laws are there to protect and assist you in difficult financial times.

  5. Undergraduate Dairy Program

    NEW! Dairy Certificate Program for OSU Undergraduates
    Maurice L. Eastridge, Department of Animal Sciences, The OhioState University

    NEW! Dairy Certificate Program for OSU Undergraduates. A dairy focused program for undergraduate students enrolled at The Ohio State University has been developed. This program is viewed as being of interest not only to undergraduate students but also to employers of students who have interest and training in working in the dairy industry.