Your Animals on Welfare
Dr. Normand St-Pierre, Dairy Extension Specialist,Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio StateUniversity

Did you know that you have animals in your herds who are receiving the equivalent of a welfare check from your milking cows?  In fact, the welfare check may be costing you up to $1.80/cwt of milk produced.  Find out how you can implement your own welfare reform program in your herd.

Managing Debt to Preserve Future Profitability
Dianne Shoemaker, Extension Dairy Specialist, OSU-Extension

Controlling costs has been the front-line attack for dealing with pitiful milk prices.  While it absolutely should be done, it is not enough to make up the cash flow shortfall.  As cash reserves are depleted, it is critical that borrowing be done carefully so that the farm’s equity and future profitability are not endangered. 

Dairy Cows:  Lighting and/or rbST
John Smith, Extension Educator, Auglaize County

Did you know that proper lighting can induce a milk response close to what is achieved with rbST?  Read more on how to reap additional dollars just by providing adequate lighting.