Dairy Critical Issue Briefs (DIBS): 24 now available online address issues facing dairy producers dealing with today’s continuing pitiful milk prices

Ms. Dianne Shoemaker, Extension Dairy Specialist, Ohio State University Extension (top of page) pdf file

Dairy Issue Briefs (DIBS) target critical management issues facing Ohio’s economically bruised dairy farms. Cost-cutting decisions must be made with full awareness of both short and long-term production and economic consequences. OSU Extension’s Dairy Working Group, a collaboration of OSU Extension and OARDC faculty is identifying and addressing critical issues in five areas:
• Nutrition and feed costs,
• Reproduction and health,
• Calf and heifer management,
• Business issues, and
• People and stress management.

The emphasis is on “brief”, with a short explanation of the issue, the conclusion and contact information for the author(s) if you have further questions.  DIBS can be found at the OSU Resources for Ohio’s Dairy Industry website: https://dairy.osu.edu