Bovine Calving Management Training: Dystocia and Calf Care

Dr. Gustavo M. Schuenemann, Extension Veterinarian, Veterinary Preventive Medicine, The Ohio State University

This bovine calving management course available from Veterinary Extension within the Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine offers educational knowledge and skills in a face-to-face and hands-on workshop environment for dairy personnel (Spanish- and English speaking workers). The course provides a framework to develop applied skills on bovine calving management for immediate use. Identification of calving signs, normal and abnormal presentations, techniques for assisting delivery, record-keeping, good hygiene practices, and management of the newborn will be covered in this short course. The course includes classroom instruction, followed by a hands-on wet lab in which participants will practice delivery techniques and newborn care management practices. The course lecture materials and notes will be available in Spanish and/or English. For more information, contact Dr. Gustavo Schuenemann at or 614-292-6924.