Ohio State, Cal Poly, Cornell, and UW-Madison Earn 1st Place at the 2010 National Dairy Challenge

Dr. Maurice Eastridge, Extension Dairy Specialist, The Ohio State University

Teams from The Ohio State University, California Polytechnic State University, Cornell University, and University of Wisconsin-Madison earned the highest award– First Place Platinum– in the ninth annual North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge (NAIDC), held April 9-10, in the Visalia, CA area.

The contest was hosted by Cal Poly and California State University-Fresno, attracting teams from 30 universities located throughout the United States and Canada. Each team of four was challenged to put their textbook and practical knowledge to the ultimate test– analyzing a dairy farm. The contest started with a walk-through at one of the four host dairy farms, followed by the opportunity to ask questions of the owners and analyze farm-specific data. Teams used this information and their observations to develop management recommendations, and then presented their recommendations to the herd owners and a panel of five dairy industry judges.

Members of the First Place Platinum teams received $200 scholarships. This was the second consecutive year for the teams from Ohio State and UW-Madison to earn the contest’s highest ranking.

Ohio State’s team, coached by Maurice Eastridge, consisted of Ryan Conklin, Annie Eilenfeld, Heather Moff and Amanda Paulhamus (pictured below).

"The Dairy Challenge brings the future of the dairy industry together in one location where knowledge and experiences are shared and gained, and where they gain a broader perspective of the market we participate in,” said NAIDC chairman Barry Putnam. “That is why the Dairy Challenge is so highly thought of by all of those who have participated throughout our history of now just over 2,000 future leaders."

Host dairies for the 2010 NAIDC were Delta View Farms, owned by Gregory “Butch” Dias Jr. and sons Greg and Darren; El Monte Dairy, operated by Art and Sandra Van Beek; Longfellow Farming Co., George and Bill Longfellow, owners; and Valley View Farms, operated by Ken and Joanne Walker and John and Hilda Knevelbaard.

Dairy Challenge Team

Pictured: Heather Moff (Canfield, OH), Dr. Maurice Eastridge (Coach), Amanda Paulhamus (Linden, PA), Andrea Eilenfeld (Lucas, OH), and Ryan Conklin (Plain City, OH).