2011 Ohio 4-H Dairy Judging Contest at Spring Dairy Expo

Mrs. Bonnie Ayars, Extension Dairy Program Specialist, The Ohio State University

The Ohio 4-H Dairy Judging contest was held on April 2nd during Spring Dairy Expo.  Typically, our largest dairy event for youth, there were nearly 375 attending. Our contest is also held in conjunction with the Ohio FFA. With 6 classes to evaluate, the Expo exhibitors were generous in supplying us with quality animals.  Some youth participate in both contests, and it is quite a rigorous day as they complete FFA tests and then make their way to Heritage Hall to prepare and present reasons to our officials.  Intermediates presented reasons to Hannah Thompson and Laura Gordon (2010 collegiate team members) and Lucas Ayars and John Langel (OSU alumni and former judging team members).  The day concluded around 3:00 PM and more than 200 sets of reasons had been given!  Other officials for placings included Larry Schirm, Blaine Crosser, and Julie Delavergne. 

To check on your hometown or county favorites, click on the following link for the results and also a news release and photo:  www.4hansci.osu.edu/dairy

If you have not yet read about our Dairy Palooza event coming up, you will very soon!  The support for this has been overwhelming!  More information can also be found at the same link as above.  If you have any youth unaware of 4-H events for dairy enthusiasts, I would suggest a quick peruse of all the programs/events we have to offer.