Livestock Mortality Composting Certification Program Scheduled

Glen Arnold, Field Specialist, Manure Nutrient Management Systems, Ohio State University Extension

A livestock mortality composting certification program has been scheduled for Tuesday, January 31st at the Putnam County Extension office at 124 Putnam Parkway in Ottawa, Ohio at 7:00 PM. Contact Glen Arnold  at 419-422-3851 ( for more information or contact Ann Meyer at the Putnam County Extension office at 419-523-6294. Registration is $15 and requested by January 27th.

This training session will certify an operator to compost all approved livestock species and is available to all Ohio livestock producers. Composting is a natural process where bacteria and fungi decompose organic material in a predominantly aerobic environment. During the composting process, microorganisms break down organic materials into a stable mixture called compost. The compost resembles humus and is spread on farming fields.

Composting, rendering, incineration, and burial are the four most common ways to dispose of livestock mortality. To legally compost dead livestock in Ohio, producers must attend a certification program.

For producers who utilize composting, sawdust is the most commonly used carbon source for composting livestock mortality in Ohio. Surveys indicate farmers utilizing composting find it a cost effective and convenient method to dispose of livestock mortality.