Youth Program Update: Dairy Palooza and 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl

Bonnie Ayars, Dairy Judging Teams Coach and Extension Youth Specialist, The Ohio State University

Dairy Palooza

By now, Dairy Palooza is history, but it was an event worthy of some space and time here.  Possibly you have read the news release or seen articles about how nearly 200 youth and adults gathered on a cold day to learn more about dairy projects.  From the youth perspective, we have literally "stumbled" onto a huge need for more educational programs that foster such interest.  The financial support of businesses with donated items, cash, and time was nothing short of phenomenal.  There will be a 2013 Dairy Palooza, and we may even include Quality Assurance training as an expansion to our programming. 

On the economic side, we tend to see lower milk prices and higher feed costs.  We should focus on such items.  However, in the big picture, from where I accelerate action, I am increasingly pleased and aware of the continued interest of the future generations and the passion of those volunteers/advisors who are educating them!  They believe that their investment is justifiable!  The face of dairy youth is now less conventional and more diverse and the Palooza event addressed their needs.  It is this "leap of faith" that can provide us just cause to continue to fight the elements of Mother Nature and Uncle Sam.

Dairy Quiz Bowl

By the way, it is Quiz Bowl time!  Encourage someone in your area to enter a junior team or send older aged participants for Dairy Jeopardy.  Dust off your own brain cells and see if you can match wits with youth by volunteering to coach a group!  Not much of an income return, but the experiences are priceless.

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