Labor Management Workshop

Dr. Maurice L. Eastridge, Professor and Extension Dairy Specialist, Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University

A Labor Management Workshop will be held from 9:45 am – 2:00 pm on March 3, 2015 at Twin Oak Dairy, 14380 Charleston Chillicothe Road, South Solon, OH. The purpose of the program is to assist dairy farm owners and managers in hiring the most qualified people for the respective positions on the farm, motivating and retaining dairy farm employees, and using tools available to assist them in managing the human resources (HR) program on their dairy farm. Thus, the intended audience is farm owners and managers involved in hiring, training, and/or supervising dairy farm employees. The featured speakers are Dr. Bernie Erven (OSU Professor Emeritus) on  “Hiring the Right People Versus Filling Positions” and “An HR Check-Up for Your Farm” and Ms. Peggy Hall (Assistant Professor, OSU Extension) on “Using the New Farm Labor Handbook”. The registration fee is $50 per person or $65 per farm, with checks made payable to “The Ohio State University”. Send registrations by February 24 (or request additional information) to Dr. Maurice Eastridge, Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University, 2029 Fyffe Court, Columbus, OH  43210-1095, (614) 688-3059,