Video Updates for Dairy Management

Jason Hartschuh, Extension Educator, Crawford County, Ohio State University Extension

Every year we try to come up with new programs to benefit dairy producers. This year, we are going to start a video series to help connect dairy producers with Ohio State dairy specialists. This series will update you on management practices to improve your operation and the latest research that is being conducted by OSU researchers. We will be doing our best to keep videos under 10 minutes, just the right length to watch while unloading feed, waiting on the milk system to wash, or waiting for a cow to have a calf.  Videos will be uploaded throughout the year and released through our Facebook page and Buckeye Dairy News.

Enjoy our latest videos:

Udder Care

Dr. Luciana daCosta with Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine discusses Udder Care procedures for the prevention of mastitis.

Parlor Preparation for Mastitis Control

Dr. Luciana daCosta with the Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine discusses the importance of proper parlor routines to decrease the risk of mastitis.

Dairy Day, Dr. Bill Weiss

Dr. Bill Weiss discusses his extensive knowledge on dairy nutrition and some of his world travels for his research.

Dairy Day, Dr. Lee

Dr. Chanhee Lee discusses his research on manure and nutrient management.

Dairy Day, Dr. Ben Enger

Dr. Ben Enger discusses his specialization in mammary physiology and his research on mastitis.