Collegiate Dairy Judging Goes Virtual

Ms. Bonnie Ayars, Dairy Program Specialist, Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University

As the powerhouse cow shows of the United States fell like dominoes, so did our opportunities for dairy judging contests. Without contests, some could assume that we would give in to the 2020 trauma. I am pleased to let you know that we did sustain dairy judging. As a small group and outside at farms, we made provisions to practice and learn. Since July, some of us coaches kept discussing an online contest using classes at Was it perfect and like real cows? Absolutely not, but we did come together to offer a secondary approach to students who have been waiting and planning for their opportunity. Instead of shavings stuck in their shoes, they dressed up and stepped closer to the screens of their computers. With the same officials and volunteers used at our traditional contests, the Virtual Contest made history. As the results were posted, 13 teams and a host of individuals earned their respective rankings. 

Ohio State participants included Deanna Langenkamp, Preston Sheets, Lindsey L’Amoreaux, Sarah Quallen, and Sydney Good. Our team finished 5th overall and 5th in reasons. However, we were 3rd in placings and 3rd in the Holstein breed. Sarah had a good day as she was 3rd in placings, 5th overall, and 10th in reasons. The future is promising and especially for Deanna who will be graduating in the spring of 2021.

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As far as other youth news, we ARE planning Dairy Palooza for 2021. The committee is developing plans and educational opportunities for April 24 at the Canfield Fairgrounds.