Dairy Cattle Welfare Webinar Series

Dr. Gustavo M. Schuenemann, Professor and Dairy Extension Specialist and Dr. Jeff D. Workman, Veterinary Extension Program Coordinator, Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, The Ohio State University

Consumers today have a strong interest in where their food comes from, including how food animals are raised and handled. To help build consumer trust in dairy products, the Dairy Cattle Welfare Council (DCWC) is pleased to offer a webinar series. The webinars feature top-rated topics from previous DCWC Annual Symposiums, as well as other pertinent subject areas.

The live educational sessions are available at no cost to attendees from around the world, but you must register. Visit the following link https://www.dcwcouncil.org/webinar-series and click on the blue icon “Register Here”.

There are several recoded webinars, but past recordings are only available to active members of the DCWC (annual membership dues are $50, see membership information). All recoded presentations have the closed caption feature with CC capable in Spanish, French, etc. Continuing Education Credit is awarded on an hour-per-hour basis.  Please contact DCWCouncil@gmail.com to request Veterinary CE documentation.

The next upcoming webinar listed below will be held on December 9, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time:

  • "Transgenerational effects of late-gestation heat stress" by Dr. Jimena Laporta, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin

For a complete list of previously recorded webinars, please visit https://www.dcwcouncil.org/webinar-series