Winter Dairy Webinar Recordings

Jason Hartschuh, Extension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Crawford County, Ohio State University Extension

This winter, the OSU Dairy working group hosted a series of four webinars to help producers with challenges on their operations. If you missed these webinars, they were recorded and can be viewed at your convenience on YouTube at the following links.   

Dairy Risk Management Programs for 2022: Dairy Margin Coverage and Dairy Revenue Protection

Risk management is critical to any farm operation. There are two USDA subsidized programs available to dairy farmers to help manage risk. One protects the margin between milk price and feed cost, while the other allows for protection from a price decline. While milk price and futures are strong now protecting that strong futures price may be a worthwhile investment on your farm. Learn more about they Dairy Margin Coverage Program for 2022 from Dianne Shoemaker and the Dairy Revenue Protection program from Jason Hartschuh by watching this recording:   


Dairy Market Outlook for 2022

Dairy market conditions are ever changing and greatly effected by world events. Dr. Chris Wolf from the Cornell University joined us on Feb 18th to discuss dairy markets and the supply and demand situation at the time. A lot may have changed in the world since then, but many of his points are still true today and can help you budget and manage your farm.


Safety on the Dairy farm

Agriculture is the 7th or 8th most dangerous industry in the US, depending on the year. Two big risks on dairy farms include handling manure or working in other confined spaces, such as silos and grain bins. Join OSU Extension educators Taylor Dill and Jamie Hampton as they discuss safety on the farm and making sure everyone stays safe on the farm. 


Manure Utilization and Maximize Manure Nutrient Utilization

Manure management on your dairy farm is critical, especially with rising fertilizer costs. Maximizing manure usage as a fertilizer source can turn it from an expense into a profit center. Learn from OSU Extension personnel Chris Zoller, Eric Richer, Glen Arnold, Chris Shoup, and Haley Zynda about the fertilizer situation, composting of dry manure to reduce volume to be hauled, utilizing liquid manure to maximize nitrogen utilization, understanding manure variability, and possible ration changes to decrease nitrogen emissions. Learn more about these topics by listening to this recording.