New Faculty Member in Animal Welfare

Dr. Grazyne Tresoldi, Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University

I was born in the small town of Campo Ere (which means “fields” in the native indigenous language) in rural Brazil, into a family with deep-rooted ties to food production, particularly in the hospitality and meat industry. However, my passion for companion animals guided me towards a career in veterinary medicine. Along the way, I found my true calling in the field of dairy cattle, realizing that my mission is to enhance the well-being of farm animals and champion sustainable farming practices.

To pursue this mission, I received additional professional training in animal behavior and welfare, which granted me the privilege of collaborating with producers and institutions worldwide. This journey led me to California in 2012, where I started researching heat stress in dairy cattle, with a strong focus on optimizing cooling strategies for lactating cows. After completing my PhD at the University of California-Davis, I assumed a position as an Assistant Professor at California State University-Chico.

In this new chapter of my life at OSU, I am particularly interested in examining how Ohio's dairy industry addresses challenges posed by adverse weather conditions and developing strategies to mitigate potential risks in the future. Additionally, I am committed to raising awareness and knowledge about food animal welfare among students and dairy industry allies, equipping them to address challenges in responsible food production. My goal is to inspire positive change in the dairy industry to benefit both animals and those who rely on them for sustenance.

I moved to Columbus in late December with my spouse, Joao, and our two mutts – Dove Solange and Spike. As a southern Brazilian and granddaughter of a butcher, I enjoy barbecuing regardless of the season. I also like exploring nature, traveling, cross-stitching and photographing animals.