Who is the New Guy?

Dr. Kirby Krogstad, Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a whirlwind start to 2024. Before it gets crazier, I want to introduce myself to all of you Buckeye Dairy News readers. My name is Kirby Krogstad, and I just joined the faculty at The Ohio State University at the Wooster Campus. I have a research and Extension position, so I will be getting to know the Ohio dairy community very well, and hopefully you’ll all get to know me, too!

I grew up on dairy farms in South Dakota (Krogstad Bros. Dairy) and Minnesota (Garlin Dairy). I grew up like many other farm kids – I spent a lot of time playing sports and showing cattle. After high school, I went to South Dakota State University (Go Jacks!) where I studied dairy production and ag business. In college, I was involved in student government, dairy club, and dairy judging. I also had my first research experience as an undergraduate with Dr. Jill Anderson. I am still a passionate Jackrabbit sports fan. All this is to say, If I am ever wearing blue and yellow, don’t worry – it is Jackrabbit blue and yellow!

After graduating from SDSU, I went to Lincoln, NE to complete a M.S. degree with Dr. Paul Kononoff. We studied ethanol coproducts, forage feeding strategies, and fiber digestion models. The best thing about living in NE was meeting my wife–more about her later. After studying at University of Nebraska – Lincoln, I headed off to Michigan State University to study with Dr. Barry Bradford. We did quite a wide range of research during my PhD. We investigated Enogen silage, ruminal acidosis, and supplementing B-vitamins as a strategy to improve animal health. I hope to continue investigating all of these topics in my new role, but I’ll keep you all filled in on our team’s progress as it happens.

My wife, Sydney, and I moved to Wooster just before Christmas. We’re settling in and are quite excited to get to know the area. Both being from the high plains, we’re really enjoying the rolling hills and beautiful scenery. We both love to read and drink good wine, so please when you have the chance, let us know the best book or bottle you’ve experienced recently. I enjoy books about history and consequential leaders, especially their memoirs. My wife enjoys Sci-Fi and fantasy novels. I’m also an avid golfer – I look for, and accept, most any reason to hit the links. If I am not at my desk, a dairy farm, or a meeting…then I’ll be at the course! We also have a shih tzu dog named Oliver who we enjoy cuddling with. 

I have only one request, if you’re willing to show me your corner of the Ohio dairy industry, please reach out so we can get it on the schedule – just email me at krogstad.6@osu.edu. Or if you’re in the Wooster area and want to grab a lunch or coffee or you just want to introduce yourself, then please shoot me a note. I am eager to get to work for the Ohio dairy industry and I’m most excited to get to know all of you. Time to get to work!