Are Your Cows Hot Yet?

Dr. Normand St-Pierre and Ms. Dianne Shoemaker

Did you know that, on an average, Ohio gets two days of heat stress in the month of April and ten days during the month of May? Thus, you shouldn't wait to start planning and implementing a heat abatement strategy for your herd. Otherwise, you will likely end up loosing an average of $120/cow this summer.

To help you plan and design a cost effective heat abatement system, Buckeye Dairy News will publish a Special Issue: The Nuts and Bolts of Efficient Cow Cooling. This special issue is scheduled for release on April 18 and will cover: the economics of heat stress in Ohio, what happens during heat stress, measuring heat stress, basic cow cooling systems, and management and nutrition aids to reduce the impact of heat stress. Software, tables, and figures will be provided with all the details to design an effective system for your farm.