Kohl Speaks at Northeast Ohio Dairy Conference

Dr. Normand St-Pierre, Dairy Management Specialist, Ohio State University (top of page)


Mark your calendars for December 2 and 3, 2004. On those two days, you will want to be in Columbus for the fourth biannual Ohio Dairy Management Conference. The organizers are lining up an outstanding set of speakers to cover a wide array of applied topics such as (more details will follow shortly):

  • Components of successful heat detection
  • Modern milk marketing
  • Biological testing for metabolic problems
  • Human resource management
  • Fresh cow protocols
  • Planning on expansion
  • Short dry periods
  • Milking frequency in early lactation
  • Hoof health
  • Transition cow management
  • Working with your family


OSU Dairy Challenge Team Competes in 2004 National Contest , Dr. Maurice Eastridge, Dairy Nutrition Specialist, Ohio State University (top of page)

OSU team members took part in the North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge (NAIDC), April 2-3, in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Created to inspire students and enhance university programs nationwide, the NAIDC is a dairy management contest that incorporates all phases of a specific dairy business in a fun, interactive, and educational forum. Students, Lauren Ward and Chad Knueve (Front Row); and Calvin Keller and Cynthia Smith (Back Row) participated in the two-day program of farm evaluation and oral presentation, along with 24 other teams from 22 universities. The dairy farm enterprise that the OSU team evaluated constituted of 540 cows, cows were milked three times-a-day in a double-8 parallel parlor, and the cows averaged 24,550 lb of milk per year. The team received a Silver Award and was coached by Dr. Maurice Eastridge.