Ohio to Host 2004 Professional Dairy Heifer Growers Association Regional Meeting

Mrs. Dianne Shoemaker, Dairy Extension Specialist, OSU Extension

What is a "Professional Dairy Heifer Grower"? Ask the Professional Dairy Heifer Growers Association (PDHGA) and their response will be "Heifer growers dedicated to growing high quality dairy replacements." That is exactly the type of heifer grower that this year's regional meeting is designed for.

Whether you raise heifers for your own or a client's dairy operation, reserve November 9th and 10th to participate in the PDHGA Regional Meeting at Wooster. Choose to participate in one or both days. Day one features a conference focusing on the basics of good management, managing feed costs, feeding alternative feeds, research updates, and key components of marketing plans that keep a professional grower's barns full. Day two features a tour of good heifer operations in the Holmes/Wayne county area.

The meeting will be held on the OARDC campus in Wooster. Registration materials will be posted on the http//dairy.osu.edu web site as they become available.