Changes in Appointment for Tim Demland

Mr. Tim Demland, Executive Director of Ohio Dairy Producers 

On October 13th, the Board of Directors of the Ohio Dairy Producers (ODP) decided to enter into an administrative and operations agreement with the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council (ADADC) Mid East to become effective November 1, 2005 to share staff and facilities. The decision was reached by both the boards of the ODP and the ADADC Mid East after many months of discussion between the dairy producer leaders of the two groups.

For the past five years ODP has been working jointly with The Ohio State University Extension for staff services, primarily through the Extension Associate Dairy position that I held, and we are extremely grateful. But one of the foundational goals of ODP was to become completely supported and run by dairy producers. This agreement fulfills those goals.

The new partnership creates the opportunity for two dairy farmer owned organizations to work together on behalf of Ohio's dairy production industry. Viewed as a win-win arrangement, the contract provides ODP with the resources and expertise necessary to represent dairy farmers in legislative and regulatory areas - areas that the check-off program is prohibited from working. Dairy farmers will now have the organizational structure, the separation of duties, and an enhanced membership organization to address these vital non-check-off functions.

Under the agreement, I will continue to serve as the executive director of ODP but will transfer employment from OSU to ADADC Mid East. In addition to my duties to ODP and the Ohio Dairy Industry Forum, I will also serve as an industry relations manager for ADA and assist with producer communications.

The Board and I are extremely excited about the wide range of opportunities that have now been opened for all dairy producers. We also continue to covet your continued support and input in identifying those issues that will most effectively enhance the productivity and profitability of Ohio's dairy production industry.