Tom Noyes, Wayne County Extension Dairy Educator, Has Retired After More Than 30 Years

Mrs. Dianne Shoemaker, Extension Dairy Specialist, OSU Extension Center at Wooster

After more than 31 years as the Extension Dairy Agent in Wayne County, Tom Noyes has retired from Ohio State University Extension. Arriving in Ohio, the Rhode Island native brought a love of the dairy industry and a Master's Degree from the University of Rhode Island. His specialization and interest in dairy nutrition remained a passion throughout his career.

In addition to dairy cattle nutrition, Tom's contributions in the areas of dairy management and intensive grazing management were many. Tom was a founding member of the Dairy Excel Team and taught many of the more than 500 graduates of the Managing for Success workshops. He organized and led many of the study tours and workshops that followed Managing for Success.

Designing and implementing management intensive grazing systems for dairy farms, grazing tours, pasture walks, and financial analyses of farms practicing management intensive grazing are just a few of the contributions that Tom has made in the area of managed grazing. Research trials involving forage varieties were also conducted at OARDC.

In Wayne and neighboring counties, Tom planned and conducted hundreds of dairy programs and tours for local producers. On-farm consultations helped answer nutrition, management, and financial concerns of those requesting assistance.

Tom will be missed for his many contributions and willingness to assist others both within and outside of Wayne County.

We wish Tom the best as he joins his wife, Rosalie, in retirement frequently spent at their family's dairy farm milking Jersey cows and the occasional Ayrshire. Also anticipating his retirement are numerous grandchildren in Wayne and Geauga counties.

Congratulations, Tom and remember, we're always looking for a few good volunteers