2006 Inductions to Dairy Science Hall of Service

Dr. Maurice Eastridge, Extension Dairy Specialist, The Ohio State University 

The Dairy Science Hall of Service was initiated in 1952 to recognize worthy men and women who have made a substantial and noteworthy contribution toward the improvement of the dairy industry of Ohio, elevated the stature of dairy farmers, or inspired students enrolled at the Ohio State University. The desirable qualifications for the award include outstanding leadership, demonstrated creativity, willingness to share, and proven ability to inspire and motivate others for the improvement of the dairy industry. The annual induction occurs at the Department of Animal Sciences Dairy Banquet and portraits of the inductees are hung in the halls of Plumb Hall on Columbus campus of The Ohio State University.

This year's inductees were Drs. R. David Glauer and David Zartman. Since 1993, Dr. Glauer has served as Ohio's State Veterinarian and as the State's top animal health official. He oversees a state field staff comprised of livestock inspectors and veterinary medical officers, in addition to administering Ohio's Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (ADDL). Dr. Glauer will be retiring this summer. Dr. David Zartman has been on the faculty at The Ohio State University since 1984, serving in roles as a Department Chair from 1984 to 1999, actively engaged in outreach education relating to management intensive grazing, and being an acclaimed teacher. Dr. Zartman retired from Ohio State on January 31, 2006. Both of these men have made major contributions to Ohio's dairy industry - our THANKS to them for their many years of dedicated service.