Dairy Youth Compete in Events During the Ohio State Fair

Ms. Laurie Winkelman, Dairy Program Specialist, The Ohio State University 

Dairy youth from throughout Ohio competed in two major events during the Ohio State Fair in August. All dairy youth had the opportunity to participate in Dairy Skillathons and Dairy Judging Clinics, both offered twice during the Fair.

Skillathon participants were tested on their knowledge of nutrition and feeds, genetics and pedigrees, management tool identification, and diseases. During both weeks of the Fair, 71 youth completed the Skillathon. Awards, sponsored by Toyota Trucks and the Ohio State Fair, were presented to the winners in each age division.

Taking home top honors in the Dairy Skillathon included (Pictures 1 and 2): Morgan Eades, age 9, Champaign Co.; Dianne Gress, age 10, Wayne Co.; Hillary Jackson, age 11, Logan Co.; Eileen Gress, age 12, Wayne Co.; Rachel Townsley, age 13, Champaign Co.; Ashlee Dietz, age 14, Trumbull Co.; Laura Gordon, age 15, Wayne Co.; Kaleb Kohler, age 16, Fairfield Co.; Matt Weeman, age 17, Wayne Co.; and Sherri Gress, age 18, Wayne Co. Receiving the highest score overall in the Skillathon was Sherri Gress from Wayne Co.

Picture 1. Taking home top honors overall in the 2006 Dairy Skillathon was Sherri Gress of Wayne Co.
Pictured from left to right are: Laurie Winkelman from OSU, Gress, and Dr. Maurice Eastridge from OSU.

Picture 2. Age division winners received special awards sponsored by Toyota Trucks and the Ohio State Fair.
Pictured from left to right are: Laurie Winkelman from OSU, Laura Gordon - Wayne Co., Sherri Gress - Wayne Co.,
Eileen Gress - Wayne Co., Diane Gress - Wayne Co., Matt Weeman - Wayne Co., and Ashlee Dietz - Trumbull Co.

Dairy judging clinics were held during both weeks of the Fair, and scores from both weeks were totaled together to name the top dairy judges in the Junior and Senior Divisions. A total of 44 juniors and 22 seniors participated in one or both of the clinics. The top 10 individuals in the junior and senior divisions are listed below.

Junior Division:

1. Michelle Funk
2. Taylor Justice
3. Ben Klier
4. Tanner Topp
5. Ashlee Dietz
6. Nick Fugate
7. Tessa Topp
8. Matthew Arp
9. Tyler Topp
10. Brennan Topp

Senior Division:

1. Neil Duncan
2. Sherri Gress
3. Kaleb Kohler
4. Amanda Hoover
5. Laura Gordon
6. Tom Grim
7. Matt Weeman
8. John Neider
9. Jason Miley
10. Joel Bourne