SESAME Software

SESAME is a computer software developed by Dr. Normand St-Pierre at The Ohio State University for using prices and composition data of feedstuffs traded in a given area to estimate the unit cost of nutrients and calculate the breakeven prices for the respective feedstuffs. The program was available on a for-sale basis, but now it is available at no cost and thus no license is required. The compressed file for Version 4.0 can be downloaded from the link below:

The downloaded folder contains all the files required for the installation plus a couple of files containing documentation (for version 3.5, whereas the version that will install is 4.0).

The program will run on windows but cannot be installed by windows.  All files need to be in a common directory and then it will run by clicking the Sesame icon.  The default username and password is '1'. For additional information about using the program, click on this tutorial

The data files for version 3.x are fully upward compatible with version 4.0.  For those who have a prior licensed Sesame version, they need to save the Sesame.dba file in a temporary folder, install V4.0, and then move the Sesame.dba file into the same folder as the newly installed v4.0.