Feeding and Nutrition







Feeding and Nutrition

General Information:

Feeding Management Resources:

Energy and Protein

Energetics for the Practicing Nutritionist
Energy: Comparison of 2001 versus 1989 Dairy NRC
Energy: Overview of 2001 Dairy NRC
Feeding Fat to Lactating Cows
Protein and Carbohydrate Utilization by Lactating Dairy Cows
Randomness Rules: Living with Variation in the Nutrient Composition of Concentrate Feeds
Using Feed Analysis to Troubleshoot Nutritional Problems

Bio-Fuel Production and Corresponding Feeds for Livestock

Distillers Grains By-Products in Livestock and Poultry Feeds - University of Minnesota
Feeding Bio-Fuel Co-Products to Livestock - Purdue University


Annual Forage Agronomic Guidelines and Characteristics
Choosing Corn Hybrids for Silage
Feeding Forages from Flooded Fields (2019 Challenge)
Forage Production Options for Ohio (2019 Challenge)
Frosted Forages
Harvesting and Storing Dry Corn Silage
Harvesting Drought Stressed Corn Silage
Machinery Custom Rates for Silage Operations
Nutritional Requirements of Grazing Dairy Cattle
Pricing Drought Stressed Corn for Corn Silage (2012)
Pricing Standing Corn for Silage
Pricing Soybeans for Silage
Pricing Standing Hay Crop in the Field (2019 Challenge; Factsheet; Worksheet)
Penn State University - Dairy Cattle Forage Quality
Stretching Forage Supplies on Dairy Farms (2019 Challenge)
University of Wisconsin Forage Research and Extension

Minerals and Vitamins

Antioxidant Nutrients and Milk Quality
Biotin for Lactating Cows
Selenium Nutrition
Update on Trace Mineral Requirements for Dairy Cattle
Update on Vitamin Nutrition of Dairy Cows

Nutrient Management

Dairy Carbon Return Calculator (MS Excel File)
Estimating Manure Phosphorus Excretion by Dairy Cows (MS Excel file)
Factors Affecting Manure Excretion by Dairy Cows

Poisonous Plants

Poisonous Plants Informational Database (Cornell University)


Livestock Water Development
Water Effects on Livestock Performance
Water Mineral Intake with DCAD
(MS Excel File)
Water Testing
Where to Have Your Water Tested

Other Feed Resources

Calculating Value of Feeds (MS Excel file)
Monitoring Economics of Feeding Fat to Lactating Cows (MS Excel file)
Monitoring Economics of Ration Changes for Lactating Cows (MS Excel file)
Proceedings Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference
SESAME - Software for Estimating Value of Feedstuffs
Tables of Feed Composition and Nutrient Correlations (MS Excel file)
Shift in Feed Prices Cause Shrinking Profits, June 2021, Dr. Maurice Eastridge, Professor and Extension Dairy Specialist, Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University